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There are always two sides to a story and two hearts to a love affair as it takes two to make a great pair

LOVERSinTIME philosophy expresses a desire to bring about ornate beauty to inspire feelings of love. We feel that by spreading beauty in the world will inspire greater love in our times. With this romantic approach to creating jewelry LOVERSinTIME launch their very first collection of 'System' earrings a reflective flip about how we fall in love online. With pure uniqueness and originality that is fun and transformative, this trio of ornate earrings are designed to act as if a new precious makeup to decorate the face in a variety of popping colors that are perfect for a selfie.

These virtually florescent silhouettes are created for those who appreciate a distinct sense boldness yet romance to their style. Expressing a look that is Avant garde, LOVERSinTIME earrings convey a sense of personality. Statement earrings that are big, bright and sculptural yet easy to adopt and play well with androgynous looks to accentuate natural beauty.

The collection is created from complex 3D design combinations that allow for sophisticated 3D printed production techniques in signature lightweight SLS print materials. The large scale decorative shapes are therefore super light and easy to wear. Each pair is hand painted which makes the coloring unique and can be ordered in just about any color specific to you.